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Massage Therapists that Understand Your Sports Performance Needs

Professional athletes often ask if Hands On Health practitioners have experience working with their level of needs and schedule demands. YES. Our practitioners have experience working with Olympic athletes, Ironman competitors, professional golfers, professional and amateur sports teams, competitive weight lifters and boxers, and sprint and long distance runners. Please don’t hesitate to ask about each individual therapist’s experience. We will honestly match you with those therapists that are the best fit for your sports injury and performance needs.

A sports massage therapist in Cary NC understands the demands on the body that comes with the various stages of training, while maintaining a body in top performance.

They learn and apply techniques that vary with the stages of an athlete’s training. Between competitions, when optimal performance is less critical, their methods may be more intense to assist healing, improve, or maintain optimal joint and muscle function. In-season or when gearing up or down around events optimal performance is critical. The therapist shifts to techniques that aim to reduce fatigue, decrease the incidence of injury, decrease recovery time, and boost performance. Keep these benefits in mind and aim to receive an in-event, pre-event, or post event massage.

Sports massage therapist in Cary NC

How Can We Help?

  • Reduces post-event muscular fatigue and post-event recovery time;
  • Reduces time needed to rest and repair between events;
  • Helps prevent debilitating and recurrent injuries;
  • Infuses tissue with fresh blood flow, enhancing cellular access to oxygen and nutrients;
  • Provides “tissue wash”: pumping and flushing effect of compressive sports massage;
  • Helps remove irritable byproducts of cellular metabolism from the tissues;
  • Pre-event massage enhances event performance;
  • Regular sports massage therapy in Cary NC during the chronic injury stage reduces injury repair time, softens and organizes scar tissue development, reduces opportunity for scar tissue to attach to adjacent muscular compartments and diminish muscle function;
  • Assisted stretches help athletes achieve greater levels of tissue flexibility before or after an event.

Rates for Sports Massage and Injury Care

  • 30 Minute Session … $55.00
  • 45 Minute Session … $70.00
  • 60 Minute Session … $85.00
  • 75 Minute Session … $105.00
  • 90 Minute Session … $120.00

Sports Massage Packages

  • Save 20% each time you visit when you purchase a package of five (5) sessions.
  • How long you will receive massage on the table: At your first session, expect a longer consultation and for returning clients expect that 5-10 minutes of your chosen session time will include time for check in, check out, and consultation.
  • 20% first visit offer is for appointments booked in-office and not applicable to home visits or off-site events.
  • Because initial evaluations are often lengthier than later sessions, a 90-minute initial session is recommended (if available) for complicated medical massage cases.
  • Share your savings packages with friends and family and help them get better and stay well! Packages are transferable but non-refundable. Gift Certificates & Packages expire after 1-year and value will decrease by 10% each year thereafter.
  • Standard service rates and packages apply for Staff Therapists only and not for owners Tammy Campbell and Laura Landsiedel Ford. Appointments with owners are not eligible for discounts and will be charged at full price.
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Sports Therapy: Stages of Training

Base Training
Athlete’s Activities:
Conditioning, endurance, strengthening, maintaining proficiency. There are no major competitive events in this stage.

May be transitioning from sedentary to increased activity and therefore may experience increased soreness, slower recovery times, and increased chance of injury for first two weeks.

Length of Stage:
Begins up to 16 weeks before major competitive events.

Treatment Options:
If athlete has not been sedentary for a long period, any massage technique is indicated. Applying rapid sports flush techniques in beginning of this stage will assist in transition from sedentary to increased activity levels. Deep tissue treatments are indicated.

Treatment Goals:
Healing musculoskeletal injuries, connective tissue conditioning, treat areas of pain and inflexibility, speed recovery between training sessions.

Basketball athlete returns to conditioning after healed ankle injury. College Tennis player needs to prepare for next season’s team events.

Intensity Stage Training
Athlete’s Activities:
Same as base training except the frequency and intensity of workouts increases. Team sports training begins.

May begin competing at this stage. Team positions being assigned.

Length of Stage:
Begins up to 8 weeks prior to competitive events.

Treatment Options:
Pre/post event and maintenance. In-event during competition.

Treatment Goals:
Address problem areas.

Team training, coaching.

Freshening & Tapering Stage
Athlete’s Activities:
Light Training.

Team workouts, tapered runs, more rest and recovery time between events than in intensity stage.

Length of Stage:
One week prior to an event.

Treatment Options:
No active therapy – some general deep tissue but nothing intense around joints. Some basic injury care with approval from sports medicine doctor.

Treatment Goals:
Rapid recovery and restorative therapies. No deeply intense injury care treatments.

Active Stage
Athlete’s Activities:
Competitive activities mixed with rest between events.


Length of Stage:
Week of the event.

Treatment Options:
Pre-event and full body sports massage techniques for rapid flush and jostle techniques for rapid recovery.

Treatment Goals:
More time to address restricted areas of the body or to heal areas or injuries during the season.

Restoration Stage
Athlete’s Activities:
Activities between seasons, playing other sports or occasional workouts or complete rest.


Length of Stage:

Treatment Options:
Active therapy as many times and length of treatment times per week as necessary to promote injury healing and maintain conditioning.

Treatment Goals:

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