This ode to Mocha is from a very good friend of ours as well as a good client.  Dr. Cannedy is on the faculty of NC State Vet school and has his own mobile vet services for alpacas, llamas, goats, etc…  


Dear Friends,
On April  3rd around  8:00 pm my suffering ended. I do not know the exact time because I was too busy enjoying my last moments with loving friends and family. My godmother Laura was gracious enough to support me and my mom’s wishes for humane euthanasia.

The reason that I had to go on to my next adventure is that I have been struggling with two very bad knees, an enlarged liver, gall stones and bladder stones. My 12 year old body was just worn out. However, my years on this planet were absolutely wonderful. I had the greatest mom in the world who provided me a second chance at life and made it luxurious!

I had the best job that a dog could ever want. I trained the best group of massage therapists on the planet for all of my friends to enjoy.  My one piece of advice to them is to be more specific when they ask “do you need to use the rest room?” …… I always thought they were talking to me! I hope that you all continue to use those soothing techniques that worked so well on me. It was my pleasure to teach and learn from you.

To my Hands On Health friends, remember me always as I will remember you. When your days are tough, come on in for a relaxing massage or get the “bully beat down” from your favorite You-Know-Who. Afterwards, take a walk and smell the flowers (just not the ones in my park).

I will miss my siblings. Those two crazy beasts drove me mad!  The one that made me sneeze (yes that cat brother Pico Chico) is the one I liked the most. He would always knock food off the kitchen counter for me to sample when our mom wasn’t looking.  And I will really miss my husband. He was the perfect spouse. Never denied me time for conversation and was always willing to do that thing we did ((ask my mom about this one).

Most of all I will miss my mom… she was the most loyal loving critter that roamed the earth. I know that she is very sad that I had to go while she was away helping to educate the world, so I leave her with this poem.


“Mom, I truly know how much you care

Even though we were apart, you were in spirit still there

The decision you made was right for us

I appreciate your gift, it was a must

My Aunt Laura and Uncle Garfield were really kind

and made things go smooth through this difficult time

Our friends also know that all is good

and that I had the best life that any dog could

What you need to do now is finish teaching your class

so I do not have to come back to bite your ass!

Your HOH family needs you back soon

they miss your craziness, you silly loon

Your friends and clients miss you too

and they all want to know what they can do…

to help you through this challenging time –

how about a glass of Kiwi wine?

When you return there will be little rest

for they all will want to be rubbed (or beat down) by the best”

One more thing I want to say, thank you for the great life, the treats, the walks, my job, my husband, and the unconditional love you gave me every day.


Love ,

Mocha Du Doggie Landsiedel