Fertility Massage is growing in popularity as more and more therapists are gaining access to it’s training. It just so happens that NC massage therapists have access in their back yard by attending one of Donna Zubrod’s workshops. Two courses of interest: Arvigo(R): Hands On Health the Maya Way and Arvigo(R) Self Care Course Level 1. The general public is welcome to attend the first course and the Level 1 course is for healthcare practitioners. Level 1 is the first course toward Arvigo(R) Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner certification. What is most exciting from Hands On Health’s point of view is that Donna is the mentor for one of the up and coming certificants, one of Hands On Health’s very own practitioners, Denise Buslach. To register or learn more, contact Donna Zubrod.

Getting pregnant is not the only reason one might want to experience abdominal massage. The abdomen and pelvis is an area for both men and women that benefit from receiving massage. Pelvic and digestive disorders are a valid reason to increase blood flow and disrupt adhesions.

As a 40-year old single woman, I was facing an uncomfortable decision and I was not prepared to work through it alone. Although I did not want to raise a child on my own, I was conflicted about letting go and allowing time to tell it’s own story. Plain and simple, I couldn’t get over the sadness. I sought out a fertility massage therapist because I knew she could help me through this painful time and perhaps arrive at a better place. I am happy to say that after the two treatments that I received I no longer feel the aching loneliness that I felt. I can now say that I feel comfortable having chosen a peaceful wait and see path that may or may not lead me to parenthood.

A series of fertility massage sessions can also address a couple’s need for reconnecting spiritually and emotionally with each other, especially after going through fertility treatments such as IVF. They may need to heal from any feelings of sadness, disappointment, or anger that may have come up as a result of the experience or it’s outcome. Reconnecting with each other through massage therapy can be one of the steps toward reconnecting as a family, whether that family is two people or many, many more.

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