Greetings! I am pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you into my world. When I began my career 16 years ago massage therapy had barely taken root as a profession. I could feel this profession’s heart beat just under the surface and yet I knew it’s survival and the long road ahead required passionate leaders with strong vision. At this same time, whole person health care, a foundational principal within massage therapy was just what our traditional health care system needed to embrace.  No longer was it acceptable to blindly take medicine and call the doctor in the morning. With costs mounting exponentially, questionable results, and confidence waning, something had to change within the traditional health care model. Alongside other non-traditional healing professions, massage therapy drove change with such momentum that I am proud to say, within such a short period of time, we have tipped the scales. With the help of input from health care consumers, the disenfranchised, and all healing professionals, molding the Whole Person Health Care Model has begun.

It takes time to turn the mind from the times when one was culturally indoctrinated into beliefs that health or illness just happens. With the help of healing touch and advocacy provided by a massage therapist, core beliefs change. One begins to participate actively in gaining access to effective health care and practical, safe self-care.

In order to be maximally effective and equally respected among our provider peers, massage therapists must demand access to advanced and culturally accepted bachelors and masters levels of education. Advanced education that must not and will no longer be denied our profession. It is crucial that we learn to talk intelligently to other healthcare professionals about the body but we can only do so by having an intimate understanding of the physical body we hold so dearly in our hands.

At Hands On Health, our strong collective will and passion will help us endure during this time within our profession when most therapists are denied adequate education and a living sustainable wage and benefits. I ask our readers and loyal fans to continue to expect the best from the massage therapy professionals who serve you and help us drive our profession forward. Value each therapist as you would any other of your health care providers. In 16 more years, we can all look upon continued prosperity in regards to the improved health of our country.

Recommended reading: God’s Hotel by Dr. Victoria Sweet.

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