In part one of Heart and Wellness, I mentioned five reasons to boost your heart health. In part two, consider these Five Ways To Boost Heart Wellness:

  • Commit to pedaling on your stationary bike for 10 minutes every day. Pay yourself $1/day. For every day missed, add $10 to the “tires for grumpy neighbor” fund. I don’t know about you but I’d rather earn a massage or fancy dinner for myself than to pay for Grumpy’s tires. Whatever you choose, paying has got to be painful enough that you’d rather get on the bike. Although you’ll ultimately want to increase the length of time you spend performing cardiovascular exercise, don’t up the ante with the payment plan. Once you’re on the bike you’re likely to stay there a bit longer. At the end of the week you’ll at least have added 70 minutes to your exercise routine!
  • When you injure your hip or leg, do arm circles. When your shoulders are injured, do gentle bicycles with your legs. You’d be amazed how well these simple exercises keep your heart healthy. Keeping up with cardiovascular health when you are injured leads to less decline and quicker recovery time. Once you’re hip is healed, you’ll be in a great condition to boost the pep in your step.
  • Learn breath work from one of our therapists. Tap in and maximize access to your lung capacity.
  • Park far away from your destination; take the stairs. Cardiovascular activity in 10 minute spurts still counts toward recommended daily activity. Take advantage of this by tucking your exercise into your daily activities.
  • 60 Seconds: Get up and move. Set an alarm on your computer. Every hour, minimum, get up from your computer and walk around. Alarms are essential to mastering this exercise. While sitting, all your concentration goes to your cerebral activity and distress signals from your body are supressed … until it’s too late. Damage to your joints, spine, and heart are cumulative. Our sitting culture is a slow lifestyle killer.

Choose heart healthy living and live a life that is likely to be less full of fatigue and chronic disease. If health is what we choose, we have no other choice than to live a heart healthy life.

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