You might be wondering if my slip of words was caused by the condition called Valentine’s Day On My Mind … You must be thinking that I meant to title this article Health And Wellness. Truly, Heart And Wellness is exactly what I meant. In fact, might you agree that these two phrases are synonymous? Without a healthy heart, life is an upward battle and we wellness practitioners know loads of activities and behaviors that will help keep your heart healthy. All we need from you is to listen up, practice what we preach, and ask lots of questions. During the month of February, we intend to bring numerous motivators to your inbox. Here’s a sneak preview:

5 Heart Warming Reasons To Cardio-Encourage:

1. Achy Breaky Heart – Cardiovascular conditioning reduces the risk of congestive heart failure after a fall. Did you know that a rapid spike in metabolic load caused by an acute injury asks your heart to work harder all at once? When this vital organ is weak, sudden demand on the heart can lead to an incident of congestive heart failure. This is often the reason why elders are at risk of a rapid health decline after sustaining an injury. Sadly, they may never recover their full health and stamina after sustaining a hip fracture or even a broken arm. Keeping your heart conditioned will decrease this risk and may even reduce incidents of falling!

2. Don’t Forget My Heart – There is now evidence of a direct connection between brain health and cardiovascular health. We challenge you to put down your puzzles until evening and join a friend for a walk. It’ll do your brain a lot more good.

3. Heart Coach I Am – challenging your heart daily reduces incidence of depression and low moods.

4. Heart Happy – a conditioned heart improves vital life experiences, sustains stamina, discourages brain fog, and triggers motivation.

5. Do The Heart Boogie – heart exercise increases capillary growth and improves capillary regeneration in the extremities, allowing for better delivery of nutrients and removal of waste from the arms, hands, legs, and feet. Exercises that Health Challenge the heart sustains the body’s incredible capacity to heal soft tissue damage, cartilage, and repair bone.

In preparation for the next blog in February’s Heart series, ask your friends and family to help you come up with five heart healthy habits and five types of heart booster exercises.

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In 2006, more than 630,000 people died from heart disease in the U.S., reports the Centers for Disease Control. It was the cause of death for more than 1/4 of people who died that year and is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Continue reading at

Lean how to assist bone healing at

Heart Health And Onset Of Dementia – “A study released … in Circulation, a publication of the American Heart Association] found that people whose hearts pumped less blood had smaller brains—a symptom of aging—than those with the strongest blood flow. This was true even in people with no obvious signs of heart disease.” Read more about the brain’s connection to heart health.

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