It’s the end of February and therefore the end of Heart Health month. I guess that means I can put away my exercise equipment and increase the amount of added sugars in my diet. Well … at least until next February. Perhaps it’s time to set aside trends and get down to the health of the matter. When referring to health benefits of  massage, I often use the following argument: “The only way to prove you truly prevented something is to do nothing and try NOT to prevent it.” In other words, there is NO proof in prevention because the disease doesn’t present itself in the first place. That’s a hard concept to get into our heads … life ticks on and we’re either on board with health or we’re not. Let’s make heart health a lifetime goal rather than a February goal. There’s no way to guarantee that you and your family will live on with healthy hearts, minds, and bodies but there is one way to find out what it’s like to live with heart disease … or, if you’re the unlucky one, die from heart disease — work really hard at NOT reducing your risk of diseases that are commonly found in association with our modern lifestyles — heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

Focusing on Heart Health this past February has helped me step out of “maybe I’ll get serious tomorrow” and step seriously into a life long pursuit of heart health. I’ve added 70 minutes more cardiovascular exercise to my weekly routine, discovered the ugly truth behind the volume of added sugars in my favorite coffee drinks and fast foods, begun to show up on time for my personal training sessions, and challenged myself to go to bed before midnight. Besides feeling like my health was lagging, these were all steps I began to take seriously only after opening my eyes and ears to news articles relating to common ‘health’ sense.

Keeping my heart in top condition means that I am:

  • less prone to inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis and heart disease;
  • more likely to have the energy to participate in an active and fulfilling life;
  • likely to benefit from the healing effects of a full night’s sleep;
  • prolong the onset of age related memory disability;
  • more likely to exude a positive outlook on life;
  • less likely to succumb to a rapid decline in my health after experiencing an acute injury;
  • more likely to be nicer to you and feel proud of myself for making the effort!

After all, aren’t life’s gifts worth making the best of living?

Attending your children’s ball games  … dancing with your daughter at her wedding … playing with your grand children … climbing the next mountain … meeting your true love.

Join us next month as we help you keep “abeat” of your heart by focusing on Wellness In The Workplace.


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