Happy Holidays! December’s articles are choc full of tips that help keep you steps away from holiday stress. We welcome you to embrace this holiday season with spirit nurtured by health and well-being.

What’s iron got to do with anything? A common side effect of the holiday season is an extra pound or two of stress. Given our overloaded lifestyles, it’s no wonder we feel drained by our to-do list. Where is the energy left to actually enjoy ourselves and be grateful for life’s precious gifts? Along with stress comes an increase in cortisol, a hormone that causes inflammatory responses in our tissues. Excessive stress hormones also cause us to crave simple sugars, salt, and caffeine. Among other negative side effects, these items do not provide the best fuel to keep your body healthy and able to withstand a spike in stress levels. Consider adding iron to your diet. Without adequate iron, we feel lethargic and struggle to grasp a positive holiday spirit.  Aim to maintain your iron intake by eating foods rich in iron and increase iron intake if you lean toward anemia*. Consider these food choices and preparations this holiday season:

crunchy berry parfaitCrunchy Berry Parfait made with Grape-Nuts (1/2c Grape-Nuts supplies 90% Iron’s nutritional daily value)






oysters for your health Raw Oysters On The Half-Shell




The Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Iron from the NIH website offers a list of iron rich foods that include heme and non-heme sources. ][If you’re wondering how heme and non-heme intake relates to absorption, read this article.]

*Visit your doctor yearly; know your physical health status before following through with health and nutrition related advice.


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