Get an idea of how we work when treatoing jaw and headache pain with massage therapy. Take a look at this outline of a talk we gave to a group of Cary NC dentists. Give us a call and ask your questions. 919.854.9555.

  1. Introduction: Neuromuscular TMD Treatment as a massage specialty
  2. Hands on Health philosophy and NMT training school, Bodywork Therapy Seminars
  3. Collaboration: Health practitioners commonly involved with a patient’s TMD treatment plans
    • Family Dentists as primary lead
    • Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists
    • Chiropractic
    • Other allied health practices such as acupuncture
  4. NMT Treatment Goals:
    • Reduce or eliminate referral pain patterns
    • Soft tissue treatment prior to or after fitting dental appliances/dental treatment procedures
    • Pain medication reduction (directed by dentist)
    • Patience and education: assist patient through the entire treatment process, from temporary pain relief until pain management or permanent treatments become effective. Encourage them to remain on track and not to jump around from specialist to specialist
    • When appropriate, instructing patient in self massage for TMD
  5.  Involved Musculature (Trigger point, or spasm surrounding spinal misalignment)
    • Postural: Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid, Supra- and Infrahyoids
    • Surrounding TMJ (may or may not be directly treated with NMT, depending on inflammation and dentist’s directives):
      • Masseter, Temporalis tendon, Medial Pterygoid, Lateral Pterygoid
      • Anterior neck muscles: Longus Colli, Longus Capitis, Anterior Suboccipitals: Rectus Capitis Anterior
  6. Demonstration and practice, Q&A (intake role play, self massage teaching demo)

by Laura Landsiedel Ford, LMBT #1204


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Tammy Campbell and I recently had the privilege of presenting a collaborative approach to treatment of pain conditions associated with the jaw joint (TMJ – temporomandibular joint). Jaw pain and associated facial pain is commonly referred to as TMD (Temporomandibular Dysfunction) and alternatively TMJD  (Temporomandibular Joint Disfuntion). The following is a summary of topics discussed at Dr. Kazmer’s Study Club for 30 local dentists.