If this blog caught your eye, it’s likely your neck hurts right now and it’s hurt on and off for the past few years. One day your neck is sore, the next your upper back is screaming and burning with fatigue, and another day a tension headache grabs hold. Perhaps you’ve heard discussion about how sitting and computers is causing all this pain. You figure since you’ll just have to live with these pains just like everyone else, why get alarmed. There’s nothing you can do about it and it’s not like it’s the end of the world.

Sadly, this is the mind set most challenging to a massage therapist who cares about helping someone stay on the healthy side of the living continuum. After all, you will be living with your neck for years and years. We know that there are steps you can take to minimize damage to muscles, nerves, vertebrae and their associated cushioning discs. We also know that although some damage can be reversed (with a lot of hard work, time, and big $), it’s not best to always be managing “behind the 8 ball”. By practicing a lifestyle that helps keep your neck healthy despite the strains of the modern world, it’s possible to avoid common debilitating and often irreversible conditions that come about as a result of chronic neck strain.

Keep muscles strong and supple

Movement Recharges Posture Muscle Batteries: Posture muscles require movement to stay healthy. Any static position held for more than 20 minutes yields a deficit. Figure out a way to get up and move and remember that doing so recharges your muscle’s batteries. Yes, you’ll need to break your concentration but know that you’ll be able to work on that project longer without muscle fatigue and associated pains.

Strengthen the shoulder, neck, and core muscles. Keeping active and including a weight training program keeps muscles strong. If you are far behind the 8 ball, you’ll want to seek physical therapy before beginning a managed home care program. That way your PT will have targeted the best approach to caring for your injured neck. After all, if you experience neck pain and spasms on a regular basis you are already injured. Rehabilitate your neck wisely with the help of a skilled PT.

Reduce the effects of muscle strain and joint stiffness. Massage during a flair up (when you are in active pain cycle) can assist with the healing process by reducing the time it takes to calm down the flair. It will then be up to you to find ways to keep pain and spasm to a low roar. If you can manage regular massage (12-24 sessions per year), use it to stay ahead of the pain and stiffness. Help your neck muscles work better inside a daily environment that’s not so good for them. Learn self massage techniques from your massage therapist and take some of these healthy living practices into your home.

Embrace a balanced lifestyle. Stay ahead of the 8 ball!

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