<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Jan 13 – February 9th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Has it been almost a month since I blogged? I’m settled in to my new home finally. I have a room with a view at the house I share with two wonderful women, Susan and Grace in the most beautiful part of Auckland, Remuera. My view is of semi-tropical gardens, including my favorite plant, Dancing Ladies – at least that’s my name for pink and purple fuschia, palm trees, an a little bit to remind me of home – hydrangeas.

Yes, I climbed the jungle gym – bungee cords and all. No, I chickened out and did not reach the top.

A few weeks ago, I took a 5 mile walk, something I never do back in NC (- why is that?) but am enjoying very much here in Auckland. My thighs and calves will be so strong from walking Auckland’s ancient volcanos, I’ll leap over tall buildings when I return to NC. Along my travels, I stopped for dinner at the harbor.

Dinner was quite a feast. And I thought I ordered Caesar Salad and a Mussel dish from the appetizer menu!

Jesse, this picture is for you. They are called Where’s Walley at the bottom of the world.

Have you heard of The Sevens Tournament? If you’re a rugby enthusiast and enjoy a view or two of outlandish costumes, you might be jealous. My videos didn’t do the Sevens justice so I thought I’d share a few favorites found on Youtube. If you think Americans can party in a Halloween costume, we might want to take a tip or two from a few of the 50,000 characters that show up at the Wellington stadium each year. Watch and chuckle. http://youtube.com/watch?v=7xwUzZ5oxFo  and http://youtube.com/watch?v=iWJX1IW3-cM

And yes, I am working over here in the land way under down under. Work has been quite a challenge. If I had nails, I’d have bitten them off by now. Next week I start teaching my first college level course and of all things it is Health Psychology. I’ve got plenty to say on the matter, but what I haven’t done enough of is to dig into recent research articles surrounding the subject. I guess I know what tomorrow night’s bedtime story will be!

Thank you to John Fiso, CEO of NZCM for believing in me and setting my sails for NZ!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<January 13th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What a week, resting, recuperating, sunning, sight seeing. Sailing. Ahhh. Now I’m ready for what’s to come. Join me on my journey:

Water’s edge


Sailor Cat Phoebe Catching Some Rays


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<January 7th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

With a bit of flare and a lot of fare, my air ship has arrived! No glitches but a few hitches; a cell phone left behind and a travel bag left on the shuttle bus. Good thing I tipped well, my new found friend returned in his chariot and I was reunited once again with my carry on bag. Note to self, keep your head on straight.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Day 2: Jan 6th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sunday was lost in time travel as I skipped a day ahead of you!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Day 1: Jan 5th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

January 5th, 2013. Make room New Zealand, here I come!