Are you still trying to think of a healthy and well-rounded New Years’ Resolution this year?  Think no more!…This resolution could add years to your life, and you only to set aside 10 minutes per day!

In the previous blog posts, I asked my readers to think about how long it takes to weave healthy movement practices into the work day. Is that what you thought the answer would be? Weaving 10 minutes of purposeful body movement activities into your work life will add years to your health life.

What does a work day look like for a health conscious individual?

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2-3 refuel times throughout the day to keep blood sugars steady.

Take the stairs and park furthest from the door. During your walks toward and away from your car, remind yourself of your intention to stay mindful of your body’s refueling needs while at work.

8 am work
9 am stretch and walk break (1 min), drink water, refill water bottle
10 am Snack, stretch and movement break – lower body ankle exercises (2 min)
11am Take stairs to meeting, arm circles and shoulder rolls to refuel fatigued neck and upper back muscles (2 min)
12pm Healthy lunch, water, 15 min exercise break
1pm Conference call – stand up on the call. Calf raises and ankle rolls here and there.
2pm Snack and Break – breathe evenly, close eyes, massage forehead, shoulder, arm, and wrist rolls, walk around (1-2 min)
3pm Movement break – 2 min
4pm Movement and snack break – spine twists and gentle arm swings, knee raises, balance break (1-2 min)
5pm Head home – take the stairs, walk to end of parking lot to locate car. 

In an effort to Keep Things Simple And Smart (new acronym for K.I.S.S.) let’s end this blog and finish out our Friday on a health conscious note. Take care, be well, and enjoy the energy stores you’ve worked hard to keep refueled at the end of your work day and work week.

Written by Tammy Campbell

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