Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved giving massages. Friends, family, coworkers. It didn’t matter. I was drawn to rubbing out the knots in their neck and shoulders. It gave me great satisfaction to help them manage with less pain and less stress. Still does today.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve learned first hand the power of touch for healing. Some aches and pains remain and cannot be lessened by stretches or strengthening exercises. No amount of yoga or Pilates or cardio workouts replace the relaxation that comes from a massage. When we receive massages on a regular basis, as part of our health maintenance, our overall wellness is more energized, more balanced.

Not only are clients relaxed physically, but mentally as well! Our skin is the body’s largest organ. When massaged, the sensory receptors in the skin release the hormone oxytocin- the feel good hormone. This hormone evokes feelings of contentment and calmness. Increases trust, decreases fear and anxiety. Also, it acts as a pain reliever and decreases soft tissue inflammation.

Increased alertness and concentration are also beneficial effects of massage. I have seen clients walk into a massage listless and hurting. After an hour of soothing touch, they are jumping off the table, ready to cross things off their to do list with drive and energy that weren’t there before.

Daughter- “Mom, when is your next massage?”
Mom- “Tomorrow, why do you ask?”
Daughter- “Good! Because you’ve been really cranky!”

Hearing her daughter’s comment helped this Mom realize how much her irritability decreases after massage, contributing an easeful state of the family’s emotional rhythm.

Starting from birth, touch is known as the primary language of compassion. Picture how quickly a newborn quiets down in the arms of Mom and Dad. The touch of a friend, a hug from our spouse. Each one nurtures and let’s us know someone cares and fulfills our innate need for receiving caring touch.

Counseling centers are using massage more often to help people overcome physical and mental addictions. Massage helps them to improve physical function as well as improving memory, reasoning, and speech. Often clients who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks can achieve relaxation from massage. It can raise a person’s self worth in those with eating disorders.

I love to give massages. I love to receive massages. The joy and contentment people feel, their gratitude for relief and ease of movement, these are just some of the benefits of being a massage therapist. I love what I do and the people I work with daily. Here at Hands on Health we are a blend of energies and personalities that keep life happy and fun, both for our clients and for ourselves.

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