In November 2003, Tammy Campbell and Laura Landsiedel launched Hands On Health massage therapy and wellness as a group practice. Because their individual vision and passion so equally mirrors each other’s, they feel that they are able to accomplish much more for their client’s well-being as well as for their professional community as a collaborative group practice.

My passion as a massage therapist comes from assisting athletes in recovery from injury. Whether they are life long athletes, professional athletes, or people struggling to stay fit, I want to be there for them. Although I can’t make an injury skip it’s stages of healing, I see how incorporating massage techniques not only make a difference with how long an injury takes to heal but also with how well the body heals. By working together during the healing process, my clients and I help correct compensation patterns that, if left alone, can set in and cause a domino effect of related chronic injuries. In a nutshell — my athletes stay on the field longer and maintain a heart healthy lifestyle full of bike rides, long runs, kayaking, skiing, and swimming. My clients learn how to stave off injury and they walk away knowing what lifestyle choices make a difference when stewarding their body in life long health and wellness. – Tammy

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The more I read about the negative impact of low grade inflammation and it’s causes, the louder I get about the healing powers of massage therapy. Massage therapy directly counteracts the affects of low grade inflammation and the proper therapies combined with health lifestyle coaching can make a profound impact on our client’s life vitality. If you knew something that could prevent a head on collision to our people and culture, wouldn’t you do something about it? As a massage therapist, I interface directly with a client’s lifestyle. Many times I hear “I didn’t know that’s how I could have avoided serious injury to my spinal disc. You mean there is something I can do to help heal my spine? I don’t have to just live with the fact that my body is breaking down? You mean that I might be able to heal and avoid surgery? Even if I have to have surgery I can still participate in reducing the negative affects on my health?” I like to make things simple for people; break down how their health is impacted by their lifestyle choices and the culture within which they live. The one thing I’m most passionate about is hearing “Yeah, I heard a doctor tell me that once … Oh, so that’s how excess sugar affects my body globally?” As long as massage therapy remains an interface to someone’s health and lifestyle, I’ll be there to insert some common sense and body intelligence. After all, I’m certainly not someone who falls in the camp of “health just came naturally to me”. I have to work every day at putting away my wilfulness to do whatever I please and instead insert a bit of body wisdom and consistently make healthy lifestyle choices … one day at a time. – Laura

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