Massage therapy and physical therapy can turn a pelvic issue that is heading down hill and make things much much better. I want to draw everyone’s attention to their pelvic bowl and the role each of us can play in how healthy this area of the body remains throughout life. Your pelvis is: – a house for the digestive and internal sex organs; – a hammock for the fetus; – a trampoline for the breath; a well traveled blood, lymph, immune cell, and nerve conduction highway; – a foundation from which the lower limbs emerge from the torso; – and much much more. Whether you are a woman or a man, your pelvis has much to do and with that comes a great bearing on your health. Learning to care for pelvic health will very likely come in handy one day – whether that’s because your self care and body awareness helped keep you mobile and active well into your octogenarian years, you begin to struggle with hip and pelvic pain and need relief but don’t want to do anything to cause further harm, or you and your partner are seeking to conceive a healthy child.

Specific massage techniques applied to the abdomen and pelvic muscles will draw blood flow to irritated tissues, attracting healing cells (fibroblasts) and reduce inflammation that is commonly reported as muscle and nerve pain. Anyone who is dealing with scarring from an abdominal or pelvic disease will want to report this to their therapist so these tissues can be addressed.

Written by Laura Landsiedel Ford
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