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Meet Your Massage Therapy & Bodywork Wellness Team

Hands On Health is a NC Licensed Massage And Bodywork Therapy Establishment. NC License #25. All massage and bodywork services are provided by North Carolina licensed massage and bodywork therapists. Learn more by visiting the North Carolina Board Of Massage And Bodywork Therapy.

We are here to help you feel better and remain well…
*Our massage therapy team therapists are qualified to practice customized modalities that will specifically serve your massage therapy needs. Each practitioner brings his or her unique touch and specialized skills to the practice and all are cross trained in I-NMT. I-NMT is a therapeutic blend of neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release taught by founding partner, Laura Landsiedel Ford within Hands On Health’s continuing education affiliate Bodywork Therapy Seminars.

Our Massage Therapist Team

Dawn Hege - NC LMBT #13832

I enjoy working with individuals who are looking to improve their access to and knowledge of self care. Many people who are seeking ways to stay healthy find that we therapists make a great resource for learning more body awareness and the benefits of bodywork for staying active and feeling fully alive. I also like to focus on addressing compensatory issues that develop when people are recovering from injuries, surgery, or the demands of life! My years in the orthotics field prior to repurposing my skills and joining the massage therapy profession have helped me key in to the orthopedic and functional aspects of bodywork. If you  >> Learn more about Dawn Hege.

Shabori Ghosh - NC LMBT #20756, Massage And Bodywork Therapist

This profile is under construction. In the meantime, Shabori joined Hands On Health as an intern while she was attending massage school at Durham Tech. We have enjoyed Shabori’s enthusiasm for the field and we appreciate her professionalism! Although new to the field, Shabori is “in good hands” with the visitors and therapists here at Hands On Health. Feel free to call us if you have any questions while we build out her profile. Some info is already on her page so click to read more! Fun facts: “I enjoy traveling and have visited more than 60 countries. I love experiencing different cultures, cuisine, history, and lifestyles. Meeting people from different places also has made me realize that we have so much in common and very little that divides us. I also like to destress through yoga, swimming, and long walks.”

>> Learn more about Shabori Ghosh.

Barbara Gilly - NC LMBT #2908

While training Shim Gum Do (a Korean martial art) in her early twenties, Barbara realized she wanted to have a career that centered around the Mind/Body connection. This led her to the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge Mass. where she studied massage and bodywork. She graduated in 1995, and three years later attended the East/West Institute where she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine >> Learn more about Barbara Gilly.

Tom Maxson, NC LMBT #17313

I practice massage therapy and reflexology to help my clients achieve whatever goals they have for themselves and to cope with the stressful world we live in. Bodywork and Footwork can encourage balance, improve flexibility, improve sleep, optimize performance and calm the mind- if I can share a fraction of that potential with people who need those results, I consider it a job well done. I’m honored to be included in the Hands on Health team, because of the high standard of professionalism and integrity that is practiced here. In my 15 years as a licensed professional, I’m extremely grateful to have had opportunities to work with people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and always aim to create an atmosphere of respect, comfort and compassion, for whomever is in need of relief on my table. >> Learn more about Tom Maxson.
Alexandra Coleman LMBT 17575

Alexandra Coleman - NC LMBT #17575

Alex has been practicing in NC as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist since 2018. She received her therapeutic massage and bodywork diploma from Wake Tech Community College (WTCC) in 2018 and in Spring 2021 she graduated from WTCC with an Associates In Art. lex is passionate about bringing light to those who are challenged by ADHD or anxiety. It means a lot to her to help people have a sense of balance in their nervous system. Her pressure is firm when necessary yet she embraces a balanced touch >> Learn more about Alex Coleman.

Sara Rusgrove - NC LMBT #18549

Sara holds a bachelors degree from the University of Georgia, concentrating in Japanese language and literature.  She attended the Colorado Institute Of Massage Therapy, an 850 hour program that includes certification in neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT), the highest standard expected of Hands On Health massage therapists. The massage program she attended focused on medical therapeutics with some electives in spa modalities.

>> Learn more about Sara Rusgrove.

Cindy Molnar - NC LMBT #14545

Cindy holds a BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in psychology from Wesleyan College in Virginia. After 20 years in customer service management, she joined our massage therapy field in search of helping others discover health and wellness. Cindy is a massage therapy graduate of Miller-Motte College.She is e University. She is an amateur runner and finds passion in managing sports performance and treating associated injuries with massage >> Learn more about Cindy Molnar.
Jeremy Falconburg Hands On Health massage therapist cary nc

Jeremy Falconburg - NC LMBT #20288

Jeremy studied at the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA) in their Associate Of Occupational Studies program from 2011-2013. He has joined the Hands On Health team after practicing for 9 years in Colorado. >> Learn more about Jeremy.

Jean Rowe, NC LMBT #8356

Sometimes a simple sentence says it all: “You’re better than a cortisone shot.” Knowing my profession helps so many people puts a smile on my face and pep in my step. One of my greatest pleasures is to surprise a customer who comes to the first session with minimal expectations regarding the benefits of massage. By the time they leave, they are in awe. I want each person’s experience to be their own. I bring a skill from every experience I’ve gathered and I’m eager to practice that skill with you. Welcome to my table! >> Learn more about Jean Rowe.

Jessica Mai - NC LMBT #6022, Massage And Bodywork CE Instructor

Jessica graduated in 2005 from Miller-Motte (Wilmington, NC) has been a therapist with Hands on Health since 2007. She received her BA in Exercise and Sports Science in December of 2015 in order to deepen her working knowledge of bodies in motion. Jessica enjoys working with athletes, pregnant women, and those suffering from “computer posture”. She became became proficient in medical massage by certifying as an Integrated Neuromuscular-Myofascial Therapist. >> Learn more about Jessica Mai.

Charla Austin - NC LMBT #8924, Massage And Bodywork CE Instructor

Charla graduated from Miller-Motte College in 2009 and also has a bachelors degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies from NC State University. She joined the Hands On Health team in the summer of 2012. In her off time, Charla is an avid Carolina Hurricanes Hockey fan and a massage school instructor at Gwinnett College and Wake Tech Community College. >> Learn more about Charla Austin.

Licensed massage and bodywork therapist Sally Rasbperry

Sally Raspberry- NC LMBT #2550, Yoga and CE Instructor

“I invite you to Hands On Health to join me for a therapeutic session I’m skilled at providing relief from neck, shoulder and lower back tension. I pride myself on listening intently to clients’ words while using intuitive touch to “listen” to clients’ muscles to provide therapeutic touch and relaxation. In my 21 years of practice I’ve had the pleasure of providing Medical Massage at SAS campus, tension relief and injury prevention for the Stanley Cup Carolina Hurricanes in 2008, and in my own private practice treating all ages, races, genders. …”. Learn more about Sally Raspberry.

Meet Our Founding Partners

Tammy Campbell, NC LMBT 390 and Laura Ford NC LMBT 1204 have been managing Hands On Health and guiding our massage therapy team since its inception in 2004. Both have been practicing massage therapists for 24 years.

To learn more about Tammy and Laura please visit our About Us page.

In loving memory of Mocha du Doggie

Resident Therapy Dog

During her full life, Mocha brought much joy to our practice as resident therapy dog. Mocha’s presence lowered blood pressure, induced spontaneous animal adoptions, and ear-to-ear smiles. Additionally, scratches, belly rubs, and treats are always welcome! Do you have a dog therapy experience you would like to share or a favorite place you like to visit just because there is an animal presence? Email us and tell us your story. For those small business owners interested in bringing an animal in to the workplace, we’re happy to offer some tips to help your visitors accept an animal as a positive presence. Flowers in memory of Mocha were delivered by Davenport Florists, a dog friendly workplace.



All massage and bodywork services are provided by North Carolina licensed massage and bodywork therapists.We offer massage therapy for pain relief and restorative purposes. We help you get better and stay well. Get to know our team and how we can best serve you. We are proud to be your "Partners In Healing. Partners In Health."


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