Barbara Gilly

Barbara Gilly

Massage Therapist

Barbara Gilly is a licensed massage therapist and has been practicing massage and bodywork at Hands On Health since 2006. While training Shim Gum Do (a Korean martial art) in her early twenties, Barbara realized she wanted to have a career that centered around the Mind/Body connection. This led her to the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge Mass. where she studied massage and bodywork. She graduated as a massage therapist in 1995, and three years later attended the East/West Institute where she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her massage continuing education includes Reflexology, I-NMT, hot stone massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Cranio-Sacral work. Barbara has been practicing at Hands On Health since 2006.

Taking no bull

  • 2007 – NC Massage Therapist License – Transfer from Massachusetts
  • 1995 – Ma Massage Certificate – Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Ma. (1200 hrs)
  • Shiatsu, Five Element Theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine – 300 hours – Boston Shiatsu School
  • Integrated Neuromuscular and Myofascial Therapy – 100 hours
  • Reflexology
  • Cranio-Sacral Massage
  • Cupping Principles And Applications with Bodywork Therapy Seminars
  • Hot Stone Massage

I think I qualify as a massage critic: I’ve had massages at some of the top Spas such as Miraval and Canyon Ranch. I have never had better massage work anywhere than at Hands on Health. I no longer get massages on trips since it’s better at home at Hands On Health. Although all the therapists I’ve seen at Hands On Health have provided excellent massages, I consider Barbara to be “Goddess of Massage”. Hers is no wimpy rub; she is a women who clearly knows human anatomy and can sort out my muscles, tendons, ligaments so that they heal and relax. Heaven!

– Victoria W

I’ve had shoulder issues since January this year and have tried several approaches including chiropractic, acupuncture, and anti-inflammatory drugs. I did get relief with the acupuncture and anti-inflammatory drugs, but they didn’t last. I had one massage with Barbara and while there is a little bit of soreness where she had to work the muscles, her approach of working the front of the shoulder to resolve a back of the shoulder issue was brilliant. Dramatic improvement overnight. At rest my shoulder doesn’t ache, and reaching for things and raising my arm doesn’t hurt at all. Very pleased with the results after just one massage.

~ Rob

Barbara is fantastic. Her knowledge and understanding of the tightness I felt and ability to help release muscle tightness was great. And I always learn so much about the benefits of massage therapy!

~ Miji

I was in for the weekend and had some back pain. I was recommended to come here for a massage. Barbara understood the root of my pains. Very client focused, friendly and talented. I will come here again when in town.

~ Vanezza

I am a double lung transplant patient who is facing kidney failure due to the transplant medications. Currently, my most troublesome symptom is the swelling in my legs and feet making¬† everyday activities extremely difficult. A friend of mine told me about lymphatic drainage massage so I thought I’d give it a try despite being skeptical about how this light-touch massage could really help me. I was lucky enough to have Barbara as my therapist and, after only a few sessions, the fluid in my legs had almost completely resolved and I am now back to swing dancing and going about my daily activities with ease. I am so grateful I found Barbara! She is both skilled and kind and I look forward to my massage sessions once or twice a month.

~ Tiffany Christensen