Charla Austin

Charla Austin

Massage Therapist

Charla graduated from Miller-Motte College in 2009 and also has a bachelors degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies from NC State University.

She joined the Hands On Health team in the summer of 2012. Charla enjoys working on clients with tight shoulders and those with neck and jaw issues, as these areas are commonly associated with computer work — as she herself can relate to those common problem areas.

“I am very comfortable with the structures in these areas and love helping clients learn how to help themselves improve postural or habitual issues with directly affect these areas.”

In her off time, she is an avid Carolina Hurricanes Hockey fan and a massage teacher at Miller-Motte College.

  • Graduate of Miller-Motte College – 2009
  • BA Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies – NC State University, 1989
  • Certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques from (216 hours)
  • Balance and Postural Stability, 4 hrs
  • Integrated Massage for Lower Extremity Conditions, 4 hrs
  • I-NMT
    • Lumbar and Pelvis (15 hours)
    • Shoulder and Thoracic Outlet (24 hours)
    • Neck and TMJ (16 hours)
  • Orthopedic Assessment, Treatment and Postural Evaluation (6 hours)
  • Cervical 360 (8 hours)
  • Joined the Hands On Health team in 2012.
  • Massage Therapy instructor at Gwinnett College in Raleigh NC

My neck continues to be much better! Yes I am a believer in the value of medicine but like most things in life there should be a balance! … I’m so glad I found out about you guys and you in particular! I have to admit, parts of the massage were not all that comfortable but in the end the result was what I wanted so I consider it a success! … and thank you for all the tips!