Cindy Molnar

Cindy Molnar

Massage Therapist

Cindy holds a BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Psychology from Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, VA. After 20 years in customer service management, she joined our massage therapy field in search of helping others discover health and wellness with massage. Cindy graduated Miller-Motte College’s Massage Therapy program in 2014. Massage therapy for me is a way to educate each and every one of my clients on the benefits of how massage can help relieve many of those nagging aches and pains. As an amateur runner I am familiar with the aches and pains of physical activity and chronic pain from injuries. I find passion in managing sports performance and treating those who have associated pain related issues.

As a person who loves to learn from other’s expertise and knowledge, I’m not afraid to try something new, even if it takes a few false starts. I have seen how massage therapy brings joy to people when they are able to get releif due to healthy touch. I am honored to have joined this field of professionals.

“Bring your aches, your pains, your body and spirit to my table. Let’s work together to get you back through that finish line!”

I’m an avid lover of the beach and this picture of me at a local favorite outside Naples Fla pretty much depicts what I enjoy about vacation – people watching and sunshine. The other photo pays homage to my long winters in New Jersey in my adolescent years. This picture was taken at Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.Having taken a few organic gardening classes, why of course I am an expert at amateur organic gardening. I grew up visiting my grandfather’s large animal hobby farm and garden and being in the soil brings back great memories. I loved saving the farm’s wild kittens from under the foot of a cow and helping keep the goats out of the garden.

Massage therapy for me is an extension of life and life giving. I am an avid reader and I love to absorb the knowledge of those around me. I’m not afraid to try something new, even if it takes a few false starts. Massage therapy brings so much joy to people when they receive healthy touch. I am honored to have joined this field. Bring your aches, your pains, your body and spirit to my table. Let’s work together on that nagging knee and ankle so you can pick up your get up and go! I am there to help you get through to the finish line.

  • Absorbing all knowledge and skill related to massage field and being surrounded by massage therapists who are passionate with purpose
  • Running and yoga. Participated in many 5Ks, 8Ks,10Ks and 1⁄2 Marathons
  • Gardening
  • Beach and Travel
  • Overseas adventure and maintaining the stamina to travel!
  • BA from Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk,VA
  • Massage Therapy Certification from Miller-Motte College, Cary NC
  • Myofascial Release with Laura Landsiedel and Bodywork Therapy Seminars
  • NMT-Jaw Treatments for TMD and Associated TMJ Conditions with Laura Landsiedel and Bodywork Therapy Seminars
  • NMT-Neck (Emphasizing Anterior & Upper Cervicals) with Laura Landsiedel and Bodywork Therapy Seminars
  • NMT-Treatments for Lumbar & Associated Disc Conditions with Laura Landsiedel and Bodywork Therapy Seminars
  • Cupping Principles and Applications with Bodywork Therapy Seminars

Cindy is extremely professional and very attentive to her client’s needs. She explains everything she’s doing and how it will benefits you. She is fantastic at her job and an even better person!

~Gregory Brown


This review is long overdue and I would give ten stars if I could. I have been seeing Cindy for more than a year now for my neck and shoulder issues. She is very knowledgeable, professional,empathetic and caring. She always makes time to understand how I had been after the last session and knows exactly what to do make me feel better. It’s hard to find someone like Cindy who takes a genuine interest in healing people with impressive massage therapy skills. Also the staff at the reception are pleasant to work with too. I highly recommend Cindy and Hands on Health!

~ Saranya N

For the past 6 months or more I have seen Cindy Molnar for neck and shoulder pain. I like firm pressure and Cindy is able to really press into my muscles, even getting down to the deeper layers. She is also able to massage with lighter but still effective pressure. I always leave our appointments feeling that she has “gotten the job done” and provided me with relief. She gives great instructions for stretches to do at home that have helped me a lot, too. It is clear that she loves her job and is certainly dedicated to helping clients feel and function better. And her bubbly personality makes her a joy to see.

~ Amanda

I wanted to take a few minutes to Thank You for all the help you have given me with my lower back issues. I remember that when I started seeing you I had been going to physical therapy for a difficult muscle issue in my lower back.I am sure you remember that I could hardly lay down on the table and certainly had a very difficult time turning over on the table and getting off the table. I have been so impressed with how you worked patiently with me and listened to my comments about what helped and what did not. You were always so patient and so encouraging that I was going to improve. You put a lot of thought into my massages before I arrived and were always ready to start on time. As you know, it took several months to be able to get off and on the massage table without pain but you did it! I have now made massage a regular part of my life. I never want to feel the way I did before I started seeing you for massage. Thanks for being a very important member of my health team! I always look forward to my appointments with you. Thanks again, Cindy you are the best!! Please feel free to give my name to others who are looking for a testimonial of your services.

~ Billie Block

I initially visited Hands On Health to try to get rid of my back pain I have had for a couple years. I have been going to see Cindy for almost a year now. She has gone above and beyond to help me get rid of this terrible pain! I go once a week (sometimes every other week) and she has helped me tremendously! Cindy is very knowledgeable and very experienced when it comes to massage therapy. The first few weeks, she was super patient with me and tried a couple of different techniques. Together we figured out what my back needed and I am so grateful for that! Cindy is very down to earth and super friendly. Anytime any of my friends or family complain of any pain, I always recommend them to Cindy.

~ Ashley Baum

As a committed workout enthusiast in his mid fifties working out multiple times per week extracts a physical toll on your body and mind. Working with Cindy at HOH every two weeks gets my body back on balance allowing me to maintain my workout schedule. Cindy really understands my physical challenges (lower back, shoulders, quads etc..) and hones in on addressing my most important needs during our sessions. She is able to do this because she ask good questions and listens intently before each session begins. I thoroughly enjoy working with Cindy she an important part of my ability to maintain my physical and mental life balance.

~ Greg

Cindy has been a life saver! I’ve struggled with back pain for a long time due to a car accident I was in when I was younger that left a vertebrae out of place. My pain was getting really bad so my chiropractor recommended I see a massage therapist to get the muscles to loosen up. I started seeing Cindy in the summer of 2015 and we were able to get onto a regular schedule which relieved almost all of my pain! I do kickboxing, which can aggravate my back, so I still see Cindy every three weeks (or more if needed) to get all of my knots worked out. Over the course of the last year she has helped me with back, neck, hip and knee pain. She’s amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her!

~ Sandi S

I had been having a sore hip and lower back soreness off and on for a few months that was getting worse. I had a massage 2 weeks earlier which helped for a few days. I came in and was treated by Cindy and she got rid of the soreness in my hip and the “knot” that had been there has not returned. Wish I would have seen her sooner instead of suffering for all of those weeks.

~ Sandy Compeau

Because I didn’t know Cindy, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I did know what other therapists could do at Hands On Health. I really wanted a massage that day and decided to take the plunge. Right away I could tell that Cindy was equal in caliber to the others I’ve seen. Her work was caring and, when necessary, precise. She took her time on areas that needed extra attention. She put me at ease by asking the right questions and helping me link my muscle pain and stress to my work activities, giving me some suggestions on how to simply live with fewer aches and pains.

~ Adam F

  • Achieved highest marks of any student for Clinical Specialist Examinations: Neuromuscular Therapy of Internal Jaw, Craniofacial Treatments, and Anterior Neck Treatments
  • Completed many road races and 1⁄2 Marathon
  • Student of the Quarter, President’s List, Perfect Attendance Awards at Miller-Motte
  • Excellence in customer service awards, Enterprise Rent-A-Car