Jean Rowe

Jean Rowe

Massage Therapist

“I love what I do as a massage therapist and as a certified Tibetan Kung Fu Tai Chi and Baqua instructor. I love seeing smiling faces.” 

Sometimes a simple sentence says it all: “You’re better than a cortisone shot.” Knowing my profession helps so many people puts a smile on my face and pep in my step. One of my greatest pleasures is to surprise a customer who comes to the first session with minimal expectations regarding the benefits of massage. By the time they leave, they are in awe. I want each person’s experience to be their own. I bring a skill from every experience I’ve gathered and I’m eager to practice that skill with you. Welcome to my table!

  • Central Piedmont Community College – Physical Therapy Assistant studies – 1 year – 2001
  • Certified Massage Therapist – Capps Community College for Massage – 200
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Reiki level 1
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • I-NMT: Neuromuscular Techniques for Neck, Cranial Facial, & Internal Jaw with Laura Landsiedel Ford
  • I-NMT: Neuromuscular Techniques for Lumbar and Pelvis with Laura Landsiedel Ford
  • I-NMT: Neuromuscular Techniques for Rotator Cuff and Upper Extremity with Laura Landsiedel Ford
  • I-NMT: Neuromuscular Techniques for Shoulder Mobilizers and Thoracic Outlet with Laura Landsiedel Ford
  • Cupping Principles and Applications with Jessica Mai
  • Treatment Planning with Laura Landsiedel Ford
  • Myofascial Release with Laura Landsiedel Ford
  • Posture and Gait Analysis for Runners and Cyclists with Aaron Light
  • Joined Hands On Health in 2013
  • Tai Chi instructor with Tibetan Kung Fu (take a private lesson at Hands On Health or look for Jean’s class announcements on our Drop In & Discover workshop page.
  • Avid human condition enthusiast!

Favorite Quotes

  • “Your job is your Olympic sport. Do the things that keep you in condition for your sport.”
  • “Specializing in getting you back to your healthy active life.
Jean was Fantastic! Her knowledge of the body, its responses and processes, and how it all works together in conjunction with the mind was outstanding! Her attention to detail and ability to creatively work through my injury made me very comfortable and ready to come back for another session!
~Alexis Hopkins
Jean is awesome. She’s really helped me with chronic headaches, neck, and back pain. Highly recommend.
Jean Rowe LMBT  Cary massage therapist at Hands On Health
~ Mialy Ramaroson
Jean is an amazing massage therapist. I was Jean’s client when I had severe joint and soft tissue inflammation – she worked miracles on my aching body. The best.
~ Madeline Henley

Jean Rowe Cary massage therapist at Hands On Health

I really appreciate your patience and all the time you have spent with us to teach us all of the [Tai Chi] moves; I think we have the routine down and we know we can practice on our own whenever my legs permit me to do that. Thank you so much for your patience and encouragement – we really appreciate it!”
~ Lanie, Raleigh NC

Had my first visit today with Jean. I have multiple shoulder and hip labral tears, and completely screwed up muscles in my neck, shoulders and arms (youth sports should come with a disclaimer: you will injure yourself so badly that by the time you’re in your 20s, you will feel like you’re 80). Jean spent a good 80% of the session on my arms and shoulders, and the remaining time on my neck, lats and pecs. Cursory amount of time on my low back, QL, and SI joints (yep… More issues there too). I appreciate the amount of time spent on my biggest problem areas (translation: where I have the most pain). There are days where I can barely close my right hand due to the pain and today was one of those days. I recently moved to the area and was desperate for relief and sad that I had left my previous massage therapist. I’m scheduled to return next week, as recommended by Jean (actually, she said come back tomorrow. With 2 small kids, it’s highly unlikely I will get 2 days in a row where I have 1.5hrs to myself). So looks like I’ll be a regular there, if this is the type of treatment I’ll get. It HURT, but I’ve found for me, if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not effective.

~ Julie H.

I just had the best massage ever from Jean Rowe. I was experiencing upper back and neck pain and I scheduled an appointment with Jean. It was my first time at Hands On Health, so I was not sure what to expect. To my surprise and delight, Jean gave me the best massage of my life. She has a wonderful technique for relieving upper back and neck pain and relaxing the whole body. I highly recommend her.

~ Annamarie Rice from Arlington, VA

I have been to Jean three times and my body feels amazing after each session. She has an expansive knowledge base and always seems to understand what is happening with my body. I look forward to my next session!

~ Corey Best

My first visit to Hands on Health was the result of a gift from a friend, and I simply wanted/expected (and received) a nice, relaxing massage – at that time, I had no idea of the health benefits massage therapy could offer. Over a decade later, I continue to be a regular client, and while I sometimes still request a relaxation massage, I more often than not request treatment for my injured (and abused and aging) body.

I can’t recommend Jean highly enough! I have come to her over the years for a multitude of issues from debilitating low back pain to injured knees and torn muscles, and she has gotten me quickly on the road to recovery. She has not only applied her massage therapy skills but offered solutions that help at home (I still use the tennis balls suggested when making long drives in the car and haven’t had low back pain since). In one instance, she relieved numbness/tingling in my hands for what I fully expected to be a surgical fix! Sometimes, I just tell her to “see what you can find” and her skilled hands identify and correct problems before I even know they exist.

I now purchase gift certificates for friends and family so they can experience the healing power of massage therapy too, and the Hands on Health staff accommodates all of their individual preferences – relaxation, medical massage, light touch, firm pressure, range of motion work, myofascial release, you name it – and every single therapist is top-notch so you can’t go wrong!

~ Kristie Mozzachio

I have been getting massages for over 15 years and and am always impressed with an intuitive therapist. I booked a 1-hour medical massage with Jean and she was able to “unlock” my shoulder that had limited range of motion for 2 months. She even identified a few points in my body that nag me from old injuries that I had not told her about. I was impressed with her knowledge of the human body and her ability to manipulate its condition throughout the massage.

~ Brent G. on Google