Sara Rusgrove

Sara Rusgrove

Massage Therapist

Sara has lived in many places throughout her life. She attended Georgia State University in Atlanta and then the University Of Georgia in Athens, graduating with a bachelors degree in Japanese Language and Literature. Prior to joining the massage therapy field she worked in HR and as an interpreter and translator/expatriate support for Japanese automotive factories in Kentucky. In 2019, she graduated from the Colorado Institute Of Massage Therapy, an 850 hour program that specializes in neuromuscular and medically focused therapies. Sara holds a certification in NMT from the institute.

“I am a new mom with a 6 month old so I have a newfound passion to providing comfort and relief for prenatal and postpartum moms.”

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“Life is short, live without regrets, do what you love.”
Special Interests
I have synesthesia where letters and numbers are associated with certain colors. It’s totally useless except I’m really good at spelling. I love studying medicinal herbalism and I’m excited about being back in the Appalachian region, which is one of the most biodiverse places in the world! I also love yoga and am considering getting a teacher certification to further my practice and education. In the meantime, I love to assist by stretching clients during their sessions.

Most of all I love spending time with my family outdoors by going hiking any chance we get. I miss the Colorado Rockies, but the low rolling Appalachian mountains are very healing and very beautiful.

Education and Continuing Education
Education and Continuing Education
At the Colorado Institute Of Massage Therapy, we are trained in medically focused massage and an additional 300 hours are spent certifying in advanced neuromuscular techniques. I have 850 hours of training from the school and I am certified in NMT.

This is the best massage therapy location in Cary and in the RTP area IMHO. I have tried all the big names here. All the therapists here have a medical / chiropractic massage focus. Sara is new to the practice. She is clinical, methodical and meticulous (in a good way). She finds trigger points and knots and takes them all the way up or down stream to fix them. What is really nice is that I don’t have to talk at all. I tell her what I want focused on before we start and it is a done deal. No feedback required or guidance needed. I just sit back and let her do her thing. So glad she moved here from Colorado and has found an employer that fits her style.

~ Taylor Keeney, via Google reviews

Professional Accomplishments
Certification in Neuromuscular Massage (CNMT)
Currently working toward I-NMT certification (integration of NMT and myofascial)