Yolanda Grant

Yolanda Grant

Massage Therapist

My passion for massage began in highschool when I worked with my brother’s gymnastics team. My first massage I ever did was working on the neck and upper back assisting with detailed upper body treatments. We helped prevent accidents and kept the team in the game! Present day, I am drawn to assisting muscles heal themselves therapeutically. I am the muscle whisperer. Eat, sleep, massage, REPEAT!

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  • NC Massage Therapist Certificate – Miller-Motte College
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (retired)
  • Team Supervisor (retired)

We love having Yolanda at our monthly office event! She is such a breath of fresh air. Her suggestions for taking care are spot on.

Thanks for getting in touch, Yolanda. I soaked with the salts on Sunday afternoon, and it was a good move. I have also been very regular with the ice and the Advil. I have been on the floor doing stretches at least once a day, and every time I walk through a door frame I try to reach up and I can feel the stretch. It’s all helping. I have had no major spasms or pain since you worked on me. Thank you for your strong, wise hands.

Sally B

Thank you, Yolanda! I took my Epsom salt and essential oils bath this afternoon after my Muscles test, and before working out tonight I stretched and stretched some more! Still tight at times and a little sore, which I’m sure is expected. I’ll get in again as soon as the budget permits. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking good care of me and working so diligently to help my bad spots! See you soon,