Thank you for your interest in the Tai Chi classes that are held at Hands On Health and offered by Tibetan Kung Fu. This course is $96 for the 6-week series. Register by calling 919-854-9555 or emailing us at emailing us (please include a time of day we may reach you) or book the series online (drop down to the Martial Arts section).


We have developed a very nice relationship with the good folks at Tibetan Kung Fu, a martial arts studio in North Raleigh and we are working together to blend the healing qualities of therapeutic massage and Tai Chi. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:
  • When is the next course? The next 6 week course starts Thursday, September 22nd from 6:30 – 7:30pm.
  • Where is the course held? The course is held at our Hands On Health facility, located at: 7980 Chapel Hill Road, Suite 125 Cary, NC Phone: 919.854.9555. Email is
  • Is this a large or small group? We find that large groups can be a distraction. This course will run with a maximum of 8 people. This will allow you to have much more direct time with the Certified Instructor.
  • Is advanced registration required? We highly recommend that you register in advance to ensure your placement.
  • What kind of clothes do I need? We have folks that practice in their business outfits and just take off their shoes, and others who come in very loose, workout clothes. Most important that you choose what makes you comfortable and able to move gently.
  • Is this class appropriate for seniors or those who have mobility limitations? Yes. Any adult or teenager can attend. If you are in a wheelchair or use a walker please call ahead and let us know and we will be ready to accommodate you.
  • Do I need anything else? Some folks have brought their own notebooks to take notes. You may want some bottled water or refreshment during break.
  • Can I ask questions during the class? Absolutely, this is a learning environment. Questions are not only expected, but encouraged.

Are you ready to join us for Tai Chi? We look forward to your registration.

About Tibetan Kung Fu martial arts studio:

You can discover more about other Tibetan Kung Fu programs in N. Raleigh by visiting or by following their podcasts at Itunes, Stitcher and many other applications: Search for The Podcast of Tibetan KungFu and KungFu Podcasts, where and Explore the Culture, The Adventure and The Impact of Martial Arts. Thank you for the opportunity to get to work with you. ContactSifu Tim