What Others Are Saying About Massage Therapy at Hands On Health

My therapist … is very informed in regard to Fibromyalgia, a total professional. She treats me with the utmost dignity, is patient, and listens to what I am saying regarding how I am feeling … My husband told our doctor about her and, consequently, he has referred patients to “Hands On Health”. I would be happy for anyone needing relief from pain to contact me. I am so glad I found this remarkable practice with truly dedicated and highly skilled professionals.

Patsy Day

I have had some significant chronic medical issues which have been only partially addressed with physician managed care. My rigid back was causing a complex cascade of skeletal problems and referred pain. When I began seeing Laura Landsiedel, I knew I had found an extraordinary healer. Using neuromuscular and myofascial techniques, she found and treated problems in my body that no scan, MRI, physical therapist or physician had ever been able to identify. She takes great pains to keep me informed about why she is doing what she is doing and at times insisted on working with my physical therapist to achieve a better outcome for me. As a result of long hours under her skilled hands, I have reduced my pain medicine for the first time in 9 years.

In the past, I’ve had difficult time arranging a session due to my therapist’s schedule being so full. Fortunately, I have the latitude to be somewhat flexible. She goes that ‘extra mile’ by encouraging me to ask to be put on the waiting list … she will do everything she can to get me in that week, especially when it is an emergency. I also like the fact that, although I prefer her work, if her schedule is too full, I can see another therapist at her location and she won’t get upset with me for seeing another therapist.

My therapist fully understood the problems that come from being above average in height and has done wonders to keep my back and hips in good condition. Because of the professional nature of this practice and the techniques I received as well as the long-term benefits I have received from attending this therapy, I would endorse this facility to any insurance agency, doctor, or friend. My therapist treated my condition very specifically, was able to answer my questions in a detailed and medically appropriate manner, but remained within his abilities and knowledge, and specifically used massage techniques that addressed my complaint.

~ David C.

Since these [conditions] are chronic and on-going, I have tried many different things, including acupuncture and chiropractic. My body responds well to massage therapy and my therapist is excellent at locating the exact areas that need work. He also explains what he is doing and why, thus helping me understand better how to help myself … I plan to schedule monthly maintenance sessions after I achieve optimal health in order to stay pain free and mobile.

~ Linda Buchanan

I have had two visits (treatment sessions) with you and could not be more happy with the results. I lead a very active and stressful lifestyle and from time to time my body gets a little stiff and I suffer from associated aches and pains. You have recommended stretch exercises, which I do every morning and that is very helpful and keeps me out of trouble. Every treatment and recommendation that you have provided have been spot on. I don’t look forward to my next episode but I do look forward to knowing that you will be able to treat and relieve the problem! Until then, I am one of your biggest fans!!!

~ David, construction industry

I have had the good fortune to work with Hands On Health for the past eight (or is it ten?) years and am pleased to say that the chronic back problems I suffered from have been significantly reduced by her ongoing work. Each therapist offers a unique combination of medical massage expertise combined with an intuitive bodywork sense that provides highly effective relief of both acute pain as well as maintenance of chronic conditions. They provide these benefits while offering sessions that are genuinely relaxing. One of the great signs of their professionalism is that they bring the same level of intense focus to each session, thereby offering a level of consistency rarely found in the therapeutic massage field.

~ Peter M.

I came to Hands on Health seeking treatment for left phrenic nerve palsy which caused my diaphragm in my left lung to not function. Also in the freak accident that caused this, I was incurring constant pain in my left shoulder and neck. With the help of restorative yoga and medical massage, I now speak with very little concern and am confident other breathing muscles have taken on the job my diaphragm used to do. My confidence in my body has returned, my posture has improved, and I feel 100% better. Visiting Hands on Health, even over an hour drive away, is a treatment I greatly look forward to each month… Thanks for making such a difference.

~ Bob C