When people complain of feeling empty and joyless, they will often describe their lives as having been spent in relentless pursuit of happiness. They spend, eat, acquire, work and chase the each goal and from one goal and on to the next without pause. Unfortunately, none of these activities has been proven to create real happiness. Many experts agree that actually looking for happiness, or trying to be happy, leaves one empty handed. Why then is it that for most people happiness is elusive or fleeting but for some it seems to be a daily state of mind or being? One of the keys to finding this true happiness is when one experiences what makes him or her feel joy.

True joy comes from participating in activities and practices where we connect with others and to a deeper place within ourselves, a place of contentment. Some find joy in dancing, others in knitting, some in running, and some in just gathering with friends. Where being in the moment feels just right. These all involve just being, appreciating, and enjoying time.

Has it been a while since you’ve connected with joy? Summer is the perfect time to rediscover joy and it’s state of being. The pace is slower, and friends and family have more opportunities to gather together simply to have fun and enjoy the day. It is a perfect time to set aside the intensity of all our pursuits for a while.

Reignite joy’s embers and connect with a sense of well being that just feels right:
Breathe in ocean waves, ride a sand dune, tickle a tummy, spritz a lemon, wiggle a sweetheart’s toes, erect a train set, toss Rover the ball, slurp a slurpy, pursue the smell of green and the sound of sweet.
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