Empower Personalized Fitness provides integrated health, fitness and wellness services through a professional and scientific approach utilizing a nationally certified and highly educated staff. Empower is not simply a workout studio or a gym. Empower is a lifestyle, an attitude…a place of change, hard work and reward. Whether you train one-on-one with a trainer or attend a group fitness class you become part of the Empower community with people like you, who support and care for you.

Empower believes overall health and wellness is more than just looking good – it’s part of a total lifestyle plan. At Empower Personalized Fitness they believe there are 3 integral pillars to health and lifestyle wellness – physical exercise, whole-foods balanced nutrition, and stress management. Empower both provides integrative health services and partners with other local allied health professionals, like the massage therapists at Hands On Health, to help our clients reach their goals. It is all a part of our holistic approach to personalized fitness.