Goldilocks wouldn’t give up until she found her napping spot that wasn’t too firm, wasn’t too soft, but felt Just Right. It’s likely she read this blog before visiting the three little bears’ cottage.

Since 2009  massage therapy research has finally joined the fast track within medical circles. For all the millennia that humans have applied massage as a therapy, we practitioners have wondered what it would take to get the benefits of massage off the anecdotal shelf and onto the shelves that house annals of medical research. Bringing benefits into the scientific spotlight holds a lot of promise for those who need medical massage methods to heal a disease and prevent the onset of another. Tammy Paine, one of our massage therapists, recently forwarded a well written and comprehensive article about recent medical discoveries relating to massage therapy. I’m truly impressed with the author’s ability to pull together all the pieces of a complex puzzle we call Massage Therapy.

Words Are Magical:

Before I mention the title of the article, know that the magic behind reading this article is the description of the term Moderate Pressure. Gaining a thorough understanding of what Moderate Pressure truly means is especially significant for those of you who seek medical massage therapy at Hands On Health. Our ability to consistently apply medical massage effectively is less a product of innate talent but rather a therapist’s ability to harness Moderate Pressure methods and clinical philosophy taught and blended by Laura Landsiedel within our in-house myofascial/neuromuscular training program. After reading this article, you’ll know why you often find yourself telling your friends: “Therapists at Hands On Health know just the amount of pressure to apply that most effectively helps my condition improve.”

Read and learn what researchers are presenting about massage and the benefits that go beyond muscle pain reduction and stress relief. Discover massage’s immune boosting effect on increasing Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and production. Discover the science behind triggering a body’s healing relaxation response. The next time you visit your massage therapist, discuss this article, Massage: Moderate Pressure Major Benefits [Finding The Middle Ground] by Rachel Walker. Afterward, let your therapist give you a hands-on lesson, further opening your senses to a host of benefits promoted by Moderate Pressure techniques.
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