Foam rolling is a home care technique for clients and therapists. Therapists who teach their clients proper and varied foam rolling techniques often experience improved treatment results during a much shorter period of time. During treatment for chronic pain conditions, applying massage to a region several times in one week is common practice. Sometimes this is what it takes to even begin experiencing results. I find that very few clients have the time or resources to return three times to my treatment table in one week even if this level of treatment and attention is indicated. Although I cannot be sure they will apply foam rolling during the weeks or days between appointments, at least clients have the opportunity to advance their treatment program, get out of pain, and stay out of pain. As a guide who advocates for well-being, I can only hope clients learn proper techniques and apply them at home.

Are you a runner with tight ilio-tibial bands (ITB), hips, and low back? Are you wondering if you should stop running because of the pain in your knees? Perhaps foam rolling will help release the tight regions that are compressing your lumbar spine, hip, and knee joints. Improving blood flow and vascular exchange to these regions by the use of foam rolling is worth a try before you stop any cardiovascular conditioning. Try this before eliminating any type of exercise that keeps your heart healthy and mental energy sharp.

Foam rolling techniques are not only for ilio-tibial bands and runners. Foam rolling can be applied safely to your back, arms, shoulders, and legs.

Find a therapist in your neighborhood who teaches clients foam rolling or step outside your neighborhood and pay another therapist to teach you. The techniques are easy to acquire and fun to do. If you find this technique helpful, bring the idea home to your favorite therapist and encourage him or her to take a foam rolling class.

Foam rolling is taught as a part of massage therapy continuing education and athletic training education. Our Bodywork Therapy Seminars program is offers foam rolling classes for therapists in the spring and fall each year. All our therapists are trained to teach foam rolling on a one-on-one basis with clients. Schedule a half hour learning session and tag it on to an hour massage … it’ll be worth the experience.

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