Alex Coleman

Alex Coleman

Massage Therapist

Alex has been practicing in NC as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist since 2018. She received her therapeutic massage and bodywork diploma from Wake Tech Community College (WTCC) in 2018 and in Spring 2021 she graduated from WTCC with an Associates In Art. Her next learning challenge is to take on Yoga Teacher Training so that she can integrate more movement practices in her massage therapy career. Currently Alex is passionate about bringing light to those who are challenged by ADHD or anxiety. It means a lot to her to help people have a sense of balance in their nervous system. Her pressure is firm when necessary yet she embraces a balanced touch. 

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I have enjoyed movement all of my life from being involved with performing arts, playing contact sports, and simply walking in nature. Somewhat more recently I have become more involved with hiking, yoga, and weight training. All of these types of movement have allowed me to form wonderful communities and connections which have enriched my life and body. Today, I enjoy taking dance classes at Ninth Street Dance in Durham and I am also a part of the color guard with the Triangle Pride Band and perform with Assembly Line Winter Guard.”

  • 2018 – Diploma in therapeutic massage and bodywork from Wake Tech Community College
  • 2021 – Associate in Art from Wake Tech Community College
  • Continuing Education coursework includes training in massage cupping, deep tssue techniques for therapeutic pain relief results, foam rolling massage and movement repatterning, meditation, and massage with anxiety and self care.